Chinese Restaurant

In the mood for authentic Chinese? Make a visit to this contemporary Cantonese restaurant, with a menu that will whet any appetite. Chefs enjoy infusing traditional dishes, such as its popular dim sum, with classic Taiwanese flavors.

Hours Lunch: 12:00p.m - 14:30p.m
Dinner: 18:00p.m - 21:30p.m
Cuisine Chinese Cuisine
Average NT$13,800+10% up/Private Dining Rooms
Seats 70 seats
Wine service Corkage Fee: NT$500 per table.
Please do not drink and drive; excessive drinking is harmful to health.
Note *3 private dining room
*Minimum fee, 6 people room: NT$12,000 + 10% service charge
*Minimum fee, 8 and 10 people room: NT$15,000 + 10% service charge
Precautions *For special request or food allergies, kindly inform your server in advance.
*Tayih Landis is pleased to provide a smoke-free environment. We certainly understand that some of our guests still enjoy smoking. We simply ask that guest go to the smoking room at 2F-5F.
【Peking Duck】

Tayih Landis Hotel Tainan’s Executive Chef Zhi-Chang Cen of Chinese Restaurant enjoys introducing Taiwanese flavors into traditional Chinese dishes, while applying Western techniques to his cooking. This season, Chef Cen creates a delightful Peking duck menu for guests who are seeking for a pleasing, mouthwatering adventure. Guests may select_ three out of six of Chef Cen's Peking duck courses, for an attractive price of NT$2000 plus 10% service charge.

【Peking Duck】

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