The Market Place Buffet Restaurant

The refined, contemporary buffet features an array of cuisines from around the world, including Chinese, Italian, American, and Japanese. Overflowing with culinary delights, guests may enjoy six action stations for an ideal dining experience. Buffet offers an extensive selection of breads, salads, fresh seafood, barbeques, beverages, fruits, and desserts.

Hours Opening Hours:
Breakfast 06:30a.m - 10:00a.m

Mondays – Fridays : 12:00p.m - 14:00p.m
Saturdays – Sundays : 11:30-14:30

Mondays –Thursdays : 18:00p.m - 21:00p.m
Fridays-Sundays : 17:30p.m - 21:00p.m
Cuisine Buffet Restaurant
Average Breakfast: Adult NT$550 / 6~ under 12 Years Old Child (111cm~150cm)NT$275
Mon-Fri: Lunch Adult NT$799 / 6~ under 12 Years Old Children (111cm~150cm)NT$400
Mon-Fri: Dinner Adult NT$900 / 6~ under 12 Years Old Children (111cm~150cm)NT$450
Sat-Sun: Lunch & Dinner Adult NT$999 / 6~ under 12 Years Old Children (111cm~150cm)NT$500
*Different prices for the special food festival
*All prices are subject 10% Service Charge
*Complimentary for children under 6 years old or 110cm
Seats 400 seats
Wine service Corkage Fee: NT$500 per table. *Please do not drink and drive; excessive drinking is harmful to health.
Note 7 Private dining rooms
Precautions *For special request or food allergies, kindly inform your server in advance.
*Tayih Landis is pleased to provide a smoke-free environment. We certainly understand that some of our guests still enjoy smoking. We simply ask that you go to the smoking room at 2F-5F.
35% Off in Your Birthday Month (except service fee) ※35% Off in Your Birthday Month (except service fee)

Lunch — NT$799*0.65+80=NT$599
Dinner —NT$900*0.65+90=NT$675
Holiday—NT$999*0.65+100= NT$749

※We Offer 15% off discount to your friend in your birthday month

Lunch — NT$799*0.85+80=NT$759
Dinner —NT$900*0.85+90=NT$855

*Not applicable:under 12 years old

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